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sometimes, I don't tell people it is a vegan dish because of the backlash and plain ignorance in assuming the food is going to be bad. If they ask, I tell them there was no meat in the dish, otherwise, we are all happen enjoying having something tasty to eat.

Elisa Camahort

If I were bringing something to a party where a lot of folks wouldn't know me, I would definitely try that. The problem is I can't exactly pretend with my family...they're all well aware that I'd only bring vegan dishes :)


One of my greatest joys in cooking is the surprise that people get when they realize my food is in fact more delicious than theirs. And then it usually becomes the first to go at any party. I always have people ask for the recipe, and then they think aloud, "hey, if this is healthy, I can definitely start making this."

Just make them try it.

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