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Britt Bravo

Hi Elisa!

I made both the Mac Daddy and Corn-Edamame Salad based on your suggestions. Yum!

I've never cooked with seitan before. Did you make it, or buy it pre-made? I've never seen pre-made seitan before. What section of the grocery store is it in?

Elisa Camahort

Hey Britt :)

I buy it pre-made. I actually have a bag of vital wheat gluten flour in my cabinet, but haven't yet had the guts to try to make my own.

At Whole Foods the seitan can be found in the same refrigerated case where the tofu, vegan cheese, and vegan hot dogs and other meat analogs are.

There are two kinds sold...Little blue or red boxes that have the seitan in strips or cubes, or a different brand that is sold in flat "cutlets". I use both. They're usually side by side.

Hope you find it, I love seitan :)

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