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JL goes Vegan

I probably fall into number three as well. I'm sure I consume or purchase many products that, if traced back, are linked to something that doesn't jive with my personal ethics. But this is so blatant -- they really market to the vegan community -- I can't imagine turning my head to it.

Thanks for the shout-out!

Elisa Camahort

I agree JL...it's the size, the scope, and the fact that they seemed to be so vegan-aware and -friendly.


For me, I try to encourage companies that sell both vegan and non-vegan products to go more vegan by purchasing the vegan products they sell unless the company is supporting animal testing. The situation with Bob’s is very different. They are not giving the money as part of the cost of doing business or as part of a decision between vegan/non-vegan. This was an unnecessary decision that had nothing to do with the products Bob’s sells. To me this was more personal than a business decision and therefore, more offensive to me. Maybe I’m just feeling kinda stung because I really loved Bob’s products and what I thought the company believed in. I feel a bit deceived actually. I won’t be buying from Bob’s any more.

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