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Pure Mothers

[this is good] You commented on my comment on Beth's post about going vegetarian. I guess I wasn't clear about supplementing in general because people don't get enough of a certain nutrient and NEEDING to supplement b/c it is not found in a vegan or veggie diet. I am in no way being judgmental. I was vegetarian for a while and am considering cutting back even more on fish and poultry. (We don't eat mammals). I am just asking some questions, looking for some answers from experienced veggies/vegans. I am contemplating whether this is what nature intended if we can't get it without supplementing. The vitamin D issue is not the same. Everyone can get it from the sun as long as they don't wear sunscreen and full clothing. 10-20 minutes (or 90-120 for dark-skinned people) per day with full body exposure (85% of body) and a person can get up the recommended 4,000IU without eating animals.

Is nutritional yeast well absorbed? And, how is that different from yeast that can overgrow in the body (candida). Some scientists think yeast is cancer or fuels cancer cells. Is this different yeast?

Thanks for the discussion. :-)


Ack, lost an entire comment I was writing. I will try to reconstruct.

Thanks for visiting.
I think a great vegan nutrition source is this site:http://jacknorrisrd.com/
He also writes for VeganHealth.org
I learned a lot about Vitamin D this year because I learned I've joined the vast majority of Americans (veg and non-veg) in being deficient in it. For many of us the sun's rays are not direct enough from November-March to get our Vitamin D solely from the sun. I've heard that's true for everyone that lives North of about Atlanta! And most people who get it from food get it from *fortified* foods. So, they are supplementing. Fatty fish seems to be the only reliable natural source. Even eggs will only have Vitamin D if the chickens were fed Vitamin D. 
The fact is that there are numerous nutrients that most of us, veg or non-veg, get via fortified foods, including Vitamin D, B12, calcium etc. And in countries without fortified foods, they probably are way more likely to be deficient, and therefore malnourished. So it begs the question about what is "natural">
I still think it's a reasonable comparison, for those reasons.
I do think nutritional yeast is not *active* yeast, which is different from other kinds of yeast, like the kind you make bread with or the kind n your body. But again, haven't heard a lot about that being a concern.
As for the yeast/cancer question? I have never heard that...would love to check out some links if you have them. 
Thanks again!

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