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Jason @ Barnivore

Thanks for checking out Barnivore!

Jason @ Barnivore

Erm, it looks like my last comment got truncated - what I was meaning to say was that we're working on adding some new filters to Barnivore, including wines by region and "just show the vegan stuff" so if there's anything else that you noticed which would make navigation easier, feel free to let us know!

Thanks for promoting veganism online!


Thanks Jason.

In fact, while at BevMo yesterday, I turned to Barnivore to find alternates when they didn't carry what I planned to buy.

An iPhone app would be my request :)

Jason @ Barnivore

Yeah, we're working on it :)  

In the meantime, someone took the time to put a list together for the wines - search iTunes for "Is your wine vegan" - free download!

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