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Maria X

I did. And the whole "what on earth do vegans eat?" thing was silly. I thought it was interesting that Zooey describes herself with the old school definition of vegetarian without modifying with ovo and lacto. When she said she was vegetarian and that means no dairy or eggs the chefs all freaked out and screamed "vegan!" with horror. But it is worth watching and interesting to see how both the diners and chefs react and respond.

But, as you know, top chefs like Charlie Trotter can make completely delicious food including without using common substitutes made from soy (tofu) or wheat (seitan) by just focusing on the inherent deliciousness of vegetables, fruit and grains. If they had just calmed down a bit they would have got that.

And, it is a bit frustrating not to be able to taste what they create but interesting to watch from the perspective as a foodie who eats at their restaurants and as a cook. Even as a vegan, Zooey is a regular viewer. Of course, like any reality show it is much about the characters than the challenges, though I certainly understand why Top Chef would hold little appeal for you like the other competitions.


Thanks for the recap Maria, I'm sure I'll be doing some eye-rolling, but it should be fun. :)

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