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Jeni Treehugger

The only reason Spain would be bad as a holiday destination is for eating out. If you go self catering then it's fine.
All the big cities have vegan restaurants - also most Chinese and Indian Restaurants offer vegan options and you can always order Pizza without the cheese. I've told Pizza places before that I have an intolerance to dairy (just because it's easier and there's no room for error).
But yeah - it's not as easy as the UK for eating out over here - it depends what the survey was comparing it all to.


I'm an eat-out kind of gal, to be honest. Don't get the whole idea of going on vacation and then cooking for yourself :) Oatmeal in the morning, sure. Lunch and dinner? Why?

The thing is that it's sad to go to a foreign country and then eat another foreign country's food while there. I know Indian food is always a good stand-by, but if I go to Spain, I want to get a sense of the SPanish cuisine. Just without all that cruelty.


If I wasn't a vegan I could have cheese to go with that whine.

And oh, BTW: Not like I was planning a big European vacation any time soon, so talk about fretting over something yet to happen!


I spent a week in Barcelona last year and there were so many delicious vegetarian restaurants with dozens of vegan options. I don't know about the rest of Spain, but I consider Barcelona to be very veg-friendly.


Oh, that's so good to know Ashley! Thanks.

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