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Damn it. I just lost a comment I'd almost finished here. Let's try again...

I go to the doctor next to never because of the whole self-employment/high deductible issue, but I managed to find a doctor here who's a (raw) vegan herself. (And I swear she looks at least a decade younger than she is.)

The only dietary advice she's ever given me is to eat more raw meals and eat more nuts (the latter in response to my concerns about needing to gain weight), and although the wait to see her is always super-long, she plays vegan documentaries in the waiting room. And that makes me smile. I can only imagine how much good she's done; she gets run-of-the-mill SAD patients and in at least some cases completely changes, for the better, the way they eat and live.

Last time I was there, a couple in their sixties perhaps was in the waiting room with their elderly mother, who has Parkinson's among whatever else, and they went on for 10 minutes about how much of a change they'd seen in her once they switched to this doctor, about how dramatically she was benefiting from a holistic approach and changes in diet versus how other doctors had been treating her. Awesome.

It's going to be a sad day for St. Louis when she retires.

Oops. This got long. Sorry.


Also, soychick's doctor is an idiot. Her lack of knowledge is scary.


Wow, I hope that doctor of yours is pretty young? She sounds awesome!

And yes, the antithesis of soychick's crappy doctor!


Early sixties.

Jeni Treehugger

You get Vitamin D from sunlight and has nothing to do with dietary choices at all.
Poor soychick - it's quite scary that we trust our health and our lives to people who so obviously don't know what they're talking about.

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