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Animal rights people are weird. You had a quote in there, "She has helped millions of Americans feel as if they're not causing harm by eating animals". No she hasn't, cause nobody's ever heard of her. I only started looking around because I saw the HBO movie previews on cable. She's some autistic chick who is famous for designing slaughterhouses? Let me repeat that. "Famous for designing slaughterhouses". Just cause all the weird PETA people know her doesn't mean other people do. Don't assume.


Hi Jenny, thanks for commenting.

Grandin has had best-selling books based on her life and her work. She has also been featured and appeared on prominent TV shows and in magazine like Larry King Live, The Today Show, Time, People etc. etc. etc. So I think it's fair to say that millions of people have been exposed to her life and work. You can see all the ways she is famous in her Wikipedia profile.

So, I guess I would give you your own advice: Just because she is not famous to you, don't assume she isn't plenty well-known to lots of other people.

And i won't even call you weird while giving you that advice :)


I'm sure she does. Lots of people write books and go on shows. They gotta have like five people on each of those shows every single show they do. I'm sure people that already care a lot about animals know who she is (PETA people, people in her industry already, probably people involved with autism to a smaller degree) So say, take the guy who invented the artificial heart. I'm not going to cheat and look on wikipedia. I have no idea who this guy is. Or the guy who invented the rotary engine, or the inventor of the first automatic rifle, or the guy who first figured out genetics (though I studied him in school and remember the chart for the breakdown of genes in pea plants), or anybody in the quantum physics field who isn't Stephen Hawking. All important people, who did more important things than this chick. Don't know their names.

This girl is not famous enough that not only had I never heard of her, I had never heard of her field (quantum physics? What's that?). I just figured some guys made laws about the regulations and procedures they use in slaughterhouses, if I ever thought about it at all. Which I might have done, like, once. Fleetingly. I just think it's so overdramatic to say 'Oh! she influenced millions! Oh, those poor animals that will get killed now that people think they are being treated humanely!' I never thought they were. Most people still don't think they are. They still eat meat, though.


Sure, I'll cop to it being overdramatic, if you cop to the same thing: Honestly, thinking that whether *you* have heard of something or know someone's name as being the reasonable measure of whether something/someone is important, influential or impactful...that's having about as overdramatic a sense of self-importance as I can possibly imagine.

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