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Jeni Treehugger

Mis-guided vegetarians??
Oh no....
Good on Martha is what I say to that!


LOL. I agree! 


Hm...wouldn't this be like meat-eaters refusing to cook anything for vegetarians? I know it's hard to compare--usually there is something we can eat at the dinner table that doesn't have meat in it...but, I don't know...after having other people go to a lot of trouble for me, I'm not so sure I could refuse to cook anything with meat/fish, etc. in it for them (some of my relatives are heavily into meat and would not be happy with a meatless dinner). Just food for thought. Heh.


I understand what you're saying MalieKai, but I don't think it's the same because meat-eaters eat vegetarian food all day every day. They may not be used to having it as the entirety of their meal, but it would not be making them eat something they don't normally eat and don't *believe* in eating.

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