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I'm not a vegetarian (we raise our own totally free-range poultry, and
buy milk for cheesemaking & drinking from local totally pastured
goats), but I do feel that Americans eat too much meat, so a month to
get in touch with all the other wonderful foods available to us is a
fantastic idea for most of us.

The one suggestion I'd have to
improve on this concept would be to do it in July, which is a month of
more than plenty on this continent.  We try to eat locally and be
connected to our food sources, and since we don't live in California or
Florida, January and February are the leanest months of all as far as
the available selection of fresh foods.  We're basically using up what
we canned, froze, or stored during the harvesting months last year, and
eating lots of fresh eggs from our silly hens.  In most parts of the
country, people without their own gardens or a really good source of
produce would have to rely on out-of-season, long-distance transported
food, and not a great selection of those.

Compare that to
summer's bounty!  My own family, with only a TINY garden (but access to
a fantastic CSA program) had a very nearly meatless July last year. 
This was not by design, just something I noticed after the fact, since
I'd food-blogged every day that month.  Simply put, we had such an
embarrassment of riches in produce falling in our laps, it was just
simple and intuitive to eat from that supply.  It was a month of
purple-hull peas, cornbread, fried green tomatoes, beautiful salads,
watermelon pickles and every kind of vegetable and fruit
imaginable...and we never missed our meat.

It might be a fun
blogging project for lots of people to try in July--a month, or even a
week, meat-free, for us omnivores to broaden our horizons.  But I think
that July is definitely the time to do it!


Belinda, I think that's a totally great idea, because your point is so well taken. I understand the impetus to do it at the beginning of the year, when people are used to resolving, and have some resolve. But their resolve might stick a little better were they to try it during a month when their choices would be so much more fresh and fabulous!

I'm all for it...so who can we corral into helping?

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