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I saw this yesterday too and was so floored that I didn't know where to start, beyond forcing back tears. It absolutely, completely confounds me that multiple people surely had to give the OK for this horrific display of brutal violence to be sponsored by the museum. I can see one sadistic idiot in a decision-making position saying, "Hey, this will get us some attention. Let's do it," but how is it possible that no one else jumped in to say "absolutely not"? How is it possible that everyone else didn't jump in to defend these animals? I think that's what scares me about it. This wasn't just one cruel, unfeeling so-called artist engaging in violent, meaningless killing and then showing the video on a street corner. Multiple people had to see something "artistic" in this for it to get where it is. My god.


That is disgusting. How can anyone call this art ?


I honestly don't know, Pamela.

FYI: They have "suspended" the exhibit and plan to hold a public forum about it on monday in SF. Details here. Although if they really wanted to get people there, holding it at noon on a weekday with only a couple of days notice probably wasn't the way to go.

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