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After the Thanksgiving Tofurky fiasco, Trip and I convinced the family to go to Merit Vegetarian for our Christmas Eve dinner, planning on some leftovers to nosh on while everyone else ate turkey Christmas day. I'm pleased to say that everyone loved it - even his Southern momma (can you believe it!).

The good thing about going with seven people was the opportunity to try a bunch of new dishes (we each picked one dish to share). I have to tell you, the Spicy Lemongrass Beef is up there with the Garlic Beef, and I am not even a huge fan of lemongrass. And the Sauteed Jalapeno Tofu was the bomb-diggity, quite possibly my favorite dish of the night (so hard to choose, though...)

Only problem was, they all loved it so much that we didn't have any leftovers!


oh, cool! And it was a bright idea too, only thwarted by how damn good everyone was going to find the food :)

Yeah, it is an issue that I've always gone with just one other person, I know i want my favorites, but that doesn't leave room to try new things.

Hmm, now what is my next opportunity to corral a group into going?

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