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[this is good]

What if they're those Veggie chips? Made w/ taters (natch) & carrot & spinach et al. I haven't looked at the ingredients lately. :-/ & hey, you do so well the majority of the time. Don't beat yourself up. Today will be better! :-D


Those veggie chips are safely vegan, but in most cases they're really not much less junky than good old Ruffles. Certainly the same number of calories per serving. Probably similar amounts of fat.

They might do better with some nutrients, given the source materials, but one could consider them a healthier snack alternative, not a healthy food :)

I'll check some out when I go shopping today.


good luck to you! i've been vegan for about 7 months and just wanted to wish you well.


Thanks heartshapedsky!!

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