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Lanny Lan

do you ever get tired of vegetables? i get tired of it sometimes. i get tired of salads at times too.


I get tired of going out and having my only options be either a salad or a plate of uninspired steamed vegetables, yes indeed. Vegans like comfort foods too, you know? And vegetables don't usually qualify :)



One of my college roommates is getting married in April, and I'm a little nervous about how that meal is going to go for B. & me. My other college roommate is the matron of honor and is a vegetarian, so I know there will at least be a vegetarian option, but I've no doubt that it's going to be full of cheese. I'm going to cross my fingers but also plan on probably having to eat before and after. The reception venue itself seems very meat-centric. Eww.


Give the venue a heads up yourself if your friend won't.

I often forget to do this myself, but any time you attend a function, whether a conference or a wedding, you can always call the venue and speak to their catering department. Usually they are very accommodating if they are given advance notice. 

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