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Congrats, congrats, congrats!!

The veganversary over here was yesterday and, fortunately, came with outings to two fantastically vegan-friendly restaurants, one in Providence and one in Newport. Although we do love the St. Louis restaurants that accommodate us, these went so above and beyond "accommodating" that we couldn't help but be sad that we don't have them where we live. And we have at least two or three more veg*n restaurants to check out on this trip! I've been too busy, and may be for a few days longer, to post about any of it yet, but documentation of yummy vegan meals is certainly to come--including a fantastic vegan "Eggs" Benedict. :)

I'm sorry about all your crappy restaurant experiences lately. If you're ever in Tampa, St. Louis, or Providence, I'll be happy to provide info on our findings and experiences to ensure you have good experiences there. :)

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