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I'm really short on time this week & next but had to respond to this. How awful! I'm so sorry. I've had similar experiences a couple times--one of them recent, at what was once our favorite (and neighborhood) Mexican restaurant, where I ended up in a very awkward moment with our waiter and feeling deceived after having eaten there frequently for the past year. It's just incredible how this contrasted with your last restaurant experience and post. It's experiences and clueless restaurants like these that make me appreciate all the veg*n and veg*n-friendly places so much more.

As you know, you aren't crazy. You, obviously, are intelligent, aware, compassionate, and all-around-wonderful. And they, obviously, were unaware, rude, and possibly even deceptive.

Despite the unpleasant start to the evening, I'm glad to see that your next restaurant choice treated you well.

My partner & I are heading to the East Coast in a few days, and we already have our vegan-friendly restaurants picked out & lined up, including an all-vegan, decent-sized-menu pizza place in Boston. Can't wait!

Maria X

[this is good] I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you and the S.O. on what should have been a special night for you.  But thanks for sharing this.  Good to know to avoid this restaurant.  Because how they treated you is indicative of what they think of customers in general.

Even though I'm not a vegan that's not a restaurant I would want to support.


Thanks guys. I have to say their stated ethos is so touchy feely. Season, organic, sustainable, blah, blah, blah...and that makes this reversal more affecting.

And you're so right, veganeditor, the very night before I was in a Chicago steakhouse, and the treatment was kind and respectful.

So, people may joke about the midwest and their affection for meat with everything, but besides the fantastic vegan meal I had at Charlie Trotters this year (thanks to Maria X) I've also had wonderful experience at Ruth Chris Steakhouse and the restaurant Monday night too.

It boils down to customer care...and all the touchy feely slogans in the world don't make up for a lack of it!

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