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LOVE the Lunch #1 and #2 idea! My specialty is Dinner #1 (eaten because I'm hungry when I get home from work) and Dinner #2 (actual dinner eaten with the family.) I have a question about french fries- I'm still really new to veggie-going-vegan eating. Are french fries pretty reliably vegan, or must you ask each time about the oil? I've just been avoiding them because I wasn't certain. I'm still not comfortable asking lots of questions. I hope that gets easier too. 


Re: French Fries: I ask. I don't think they are reliably vegan. Then again, I simply ask what they fry their fries in, I don't go into a whole vegan explanation. Usually they know, and usually the answer is pretty black and white.


I know Enoch ! It was funny to see his name in your post.

Enoch Choi

http://www.facebook.com/photo_search.php?oid=4979895851&view=all are pictures from the event.  thanks for understanding about the steakhouse, it was the only restaurant there in the hotel that we could have heard ourselves in, the irish pub had really loud music.

pamela & i are buddies from the palo alto menlo park parents club and volunteering in palo alto

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