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Oooohhh... With your being a fellow Trader Joe's fan and all, I have to ask: have you had the TJ-brand veggie masala burgers? They're fantastic--and definitely my favorite store-bought burger of the moment. Ironically enough, I just posted a photo of one today. :)

On the homemade vegan burger front, have you ever had the lentil-walnut burgers from Vegetarian Meat & Potatoes? Those are my favorite veg burgers, period, right now. We make big batches all at once and freeze a bunch for future use, so later on, they're just as convenient as store-bought burgers.


I haven't tried those masala burgers, although I see them every time. I'm a little afraid because I don't like all Indian food, but I will give them a try on your strong recommendation :)

And no I don't have that cookbook, but it sounds like one I would like and should get!!



Ahh, well, that may be a reason not to expect to like them as much as I do. They definitely have an Indian-spice flavor; they remind me of samosas in burger form.

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