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Well, I hope you're feeling better about things...I'm sure with so much to do, it can easily feel overwhelming. Maybe you'll feel better once you get a few more things checked off your list.

I'm apparently in the wrong field...make-up artists seem to make quite a lot of $$. When you said they'd charge you, the bride, "an extra $100," I thought, OMG--"an extra 100??" I was lucky in that my mother-in-law booked my salon appointment and I didn't see the bill...a little spoiled. I had no idea it would cost that much. Those people must be making money hand over fist.

Take care & good luck with your list...


Thanks MalieKal.

Yes, I was just a tad shocked by the make-up artist's quote. I've been doing my make-up since I snuck it on and off in the jr. high school bathroom, so I can't quite absorb the idea of paying someone nearly $200 to do it for me. That's a pretty high hourly rate indeed!

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