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Melissa Ann Lambert

Everyone's a hypocrite, to some degree...it's really impossible to live in America and not participate in some form of hypocrisy.

Having said that, I'm a long-time vegan who happens to own a pair of leather shoes. Mostly it's because I've been off work 5 years, need $50.00 lifts due to a femur break that resulted in the right leg being almost 2 inches shorter than the left, and I don't have the $$$ to correct the situation.

The other thing I find alarming, really, is that a lot of "vegan" shoes mimic the look of leather! Wassup with that??? Aren't we trying to unify a message that meat is murder? Why imitate what you are taking a stance against?

Now excuse me while I get in my non-hybrid car and gas guzzle to visit friends in Pasadena, wearing clothing probably made in sweatshops in China, and throwing away WAY too much garbage for one individual.

So much for 'living the clean life!'

Two interesting links (I happen to like Al Gore - and I can't stand Bush - so don't misconstrue my intentions - just more on the subject of hypocrisy...)


Snopes on Gore vs. Bush

Singing Horse

Yeah, this is always a difficult issue.  I guess the solution is to let whoever has made no mistake at all in his/her life to cast the first criticism.  I believe that we should just worry about our own behaviors and let other people take care of theirs.

Melissa Ann Lambert

I agree. I try to "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk", but the more you learn about all kinds of issues, esp. as regards the environment, the more humble you become, knowing how much you don't know and realizing your limitations. We all have them...

I also don't like that many vegans come off as "superior."  Although I do understand somewhat the cause of this, in my mind it's akin to proselytizing, and uncalled for. All us vegans were non-vegans at one time in our lives!


OK, I have to say: most people go out of their way to ask me about my veg*nism...and why...and with some of them it's a losing situation. You cannot explain it in ANY way that won't make them get defensive. And it's always while we're eating too! I'm not saying no vegans act superior, but there are few people who eat meat who can hear anything about this subject without feeling inferior...and going on the attack. I mostly wish people wouldn't ask. Happy to just set an eample by doing, not talking, personally.

Melissa Ann Lambert

[this is good] Thanks Elisa, I hear you.

I've been through this subject on and off for years...I've learned to be very sensitive about the subject.My parents, esp., can't handle going to restaurants, and don't invite me over 4 Xmas or Thanksgiving anymore.

I've also find  it interesting that when people I don't know find out my age (49) and see how I look (most guess in the early to mid 30's, plus my weight is the same as in high-school) that seems to make a mark "how do you do it?".

My brothers (one younger, one older) aren't vegan; they look a LOT older. I have a youthful enthusiasm I believe wouldn't come any other way.

And then there's the HUGE thing of knowing you aren't harming or killing other sentient beings.

That's worth it's weight in gold, and is incredibly profound...I know you know and you know that I know all about this subject...

But of course, I'm preaching to the choir.

The best we vegans can hope for is to set an example. People will catch on, as they say, "every front has a back".



I own a pair of leather-look vegan shoes for work.  Not sure what else would fit the situation.

Besides, I may be splitting hairs, but I don't object to having the look of dead skin on my feet, it's the death of the animal I object to, not it's skin.

Perhaps one day things will be different, but - as you say yourself - we're all recovering meat-eaters here.

If an animal were dead on the roadside, it'd be a candidate for making use of the remains to some good purpose - shoes, whatever.  Waste is another Bad Thing[tm] in this society.

People I work with know my food choices, and get told that my shoes are vegan, too (when they ask, or try to point out the "inconsistency" - poor fools!). ;-)

Melissa Ann Lambert

Well, responding again to both Elisa's (original) and gedge's comments, I don't think it's "all or nothing"...or that being imperfect "discourages one from thinking through or making any moral
decisions". When is anything totally black and white?

Being imperfect, and realizing that, only encourages me to continually strive for improvement, both on how I treat my environment (including animals) and how I treat myself.

Gedge, it seems impractical (to me) to think in terms of "making use of everything" - in terms of waste - unless you return to an American Indian ideal of hunting, making use of the pelt, bones, etc. Not that it isn't an ideal to strive for, in every arena of life.

On a more humorous note, recently a vegan friend of mine stared at my chest and couldn't stop laughing. I was shocked - this is a long-time friend of mine, what could possibly be so funny?

I was wearing a "no fur" sticker on my chest (the word 'fur' with a no symbol over it). Because I had hugged my kitty b/4 leaving for the vegan restaurant we were eating at, my "no fur chest" was covered with fur!

I forgave her...

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