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[this is good] Hi, Elisa. I found your blog through BlogHer; I'm always excited to find more vegans and vegan-leaning vegetarians out there in the blog world!

I just have to say here--you are so right. Sometimes I look at a recipe and think, "Wow, that looks so easy; it should only take fifteen minutes from start to finish," and then thirty minutes later, we still haven't even emerged from the chopping vegetables stage. :) When my partner is cooking and is able to use the food processor or chopper, that speeds things up sometimes, but I'm a little old school--I prefer to chop by hand, even if it takes longer; I like the experience of doing it and have yet to use the Christmas-gift processor or chopper myself.

Nevertheless, I say this with some degree of shame, but when we're cooking at our house for just us (no guests), we sometimes resort to using some frozen vegetables in addition to fresh, especially if we're low on time to cook. The dishes aren't quite as tasty without fresh vegetables, but at certain times, that convenience is worth the taste-bud sacrifice. But when we're cooking for others, that's another matter; and of course, when you're cooking for others, that's when you tend to be cooking more and have to chop up an even larger stockpile of veggies! :)



I should note that I used a total combo of fresh and frozen and vacuum-packed veggies above. The roasted corn kernels and peas were frozen. The butternut squash and brussels sprouts came from Trader Joe's in those bags where you can cut off the corner and microwave them in the bag. (Although i do often buy and chop up fresh squash.) The edamame was also from Trader Joe's and already shelled. Finally, I cook with these wonderful frozen cubes of minced garlic from Trader Joe's. SO much better than garlic powder or that minced garlic in jars, and so much less likely to sit in my veggie bowl unused than fresh real garlic.

So, you can imagine: it probably would have added another 30 minutes if every single item had been fresh!!


Ah, good ol' Trader Joe's. When I moved to St. Louis from a small Illinois city last summer, one of the major perks was suddenly having a Trader Joe's nearby. It's fantastic! I actually need to go sometime this week (for groceries as well as to restock on Three-Buck Chuck, which keeps me from spending all my earnings on my red wine habit), and I think I'll have to check out these minced garlic cubes you speak of! I've never seen them there, and now I'm intrigued.

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