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Enoch Choi

alcohol can cause a direct effect of flushing by relaxing and dilating blood vessel, rather than an immune response such as an allergy.  If you find that you flush with your new grog with your snack, many people find that taking an over the counter non-sedating antihistamine helps block that effect


Thanks Enoch!

Enoch Choi

if that's not enough, anti-acid medicines such as zantac, pepcid, and tagamet, all over the counter, additionally block histamine receptors, but do so less potently.  Some take both non-sedating antihistamines as well as these, together.


Wow, i wonder why that allergist didn't give me this advice!? I've heard about taking OTC antihistamines, but never anti-acids. Interesting.


about 4 years ago i seemed to devolope an allergy to beer. my nose would run or i would sneeze like crazy. so i stopped drinking beer and switched to malt beverages. now all of a sudden , i would have maybe 3-4 and be fine, go to bed and about 5 hous later im up throwing up and its very acidic. so, is it the alcohol or the malt, i dont know. any advice would be helpful. thanks

Barnard Evans

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