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I don't particularly care for the equation of realizing you're gay, which for many people can lead to agonizing internal and inter-personal conflict, with realizing that you're eating dead animals and you don't want to anymore.  "People used to throw chicken nuggets at me" just doesn't cut it as an oppression.


A good point, Skye, I absolutely agree.

I will say that there are cases when minors make an informed and passionate veg*n decision and their family refuses to go along with it and 'forces' them to eat meat. and I do think this would be oppressive, as bad as forcing someone keeping Kosher to eat pork or a Hindu to eat cow.

This also used to happen in such institutions as prisons and even the military where there was no accommodation for one's ethical eating decisions.

I'm actually not equating it with the whole homosexual experience angle at all though, just saying that I do think veg*ns can suffer more oppressive behaviors than just being teased and having chicken nuggets thrown at them.


My mother had no idea how much hamburger was going down the garbage disposal, but I know I was lucky that she was inattentive.

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