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We did get a couple of jokes about the all-vegetarian menu before our wedding.  People thought they were funny, but it was really tacky.  I ratted out my brother-in-law to my sister to get even.  And then at the wedding, even the die-hard Texas omnivores were raving about the food - ha!


Yeah, i served a vegetarian buffet for the S.O.'s 40th birthday party, and it was delicious by all accounts.

I just found out from one of my friends that one of my relatives was at
the engagement party complaining that we ought to take care of our
guests at our wedding...as though that is impossible with a vegetarian
menu. And as though one goes to a wedding for the food anyway. I mean
my S.O. is very big on food, so he will be making sure we have a
sumptuous feast, but what if we served punch and cake? that was very
common at wedding receptions back in the day!

I promise I won't keep you at my wedding for 8 hours, people, so you
won't starve while trapped there. (Can you tell that I was just a wee
bit offended by this latest revelation of a complaining relative?!)

Tacky is right. 


Honestly, as long as you're not serving stewed kale and bran cakes, people should just be gracious and enjoy themselves.  And even if you're serving kale, people should say to themselves "They're a little wacky, but we love them anyway and we're glad to be here."

I've never understood the idea that people who aren't vegetarians are oppressed by going one (free) meal without meat.  Did they never just have pancakes and juice for breakfast?


Yeah, it's kind of amazing to me.

I'm going to tell my relative to bring a ham snadwich in her purse and eat it out on the porch ;)

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