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Ah... leftovers!  Isn't it like un-American to NOT have leftovers the day)s) after Thanksgiving? ;-)  I took it to a new level:  My son and I had dinner out at a beautiful waterfront restaurant with an INCREDIBLE view of the Seattle skyline.  But I was prepared!  Earlier in the week I had received my home delivery from www.safeway.com and had some stovetop stuffing + embellishments (celery, onion, water chestnuts, fresh mushrooms - all sauteed and added to the stuffing mix.  YUM!).  Also corn, a little bitty chunk of turkey breast ( I know, not vegetarian), spring greens (fo' salad).  I've been having 'psuedo- leftovers' ever since.  Just finished them up today.*urp* OH!  ExCUSE me! :-O

Question:  Do you just eat the edamame raw?  Or do you add to stir fry or what?  I'm always trying to figure out new ways to get protein, 'cause I really DON'T want to eat much meat. Only a leeetle poultry or fish occasionally.


I mostly stir fry the edamame in, or I microwave it along with those rice pouches or corn or whatever.

I don't just eat it out of the bag.

However, if I buy non-frozen edamame, then yeah I'll just eat it straight :)

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