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As vegans, we sacrifice convenience.  Whenever we go out to eat, we will have placed our fate in other people's hand (unless you go to a genuine trusted vegan restaurant).  Eating at home is usually the only way to go.  We cannot expect other people to take good care of our food and sometimes they don't even know how even if they are willing to understand.  But the comfort is that whenever we sacrifice a little convenience, we know that at least no animal has to suffer and die for our meals.


True enough. Eating in is the only time you can feel 100% confident about what you're getting. Tonight I ate out at a Thai restaurant. Sure I got vegetarian Pad Thai with no egg, but who knows what pan they cooked it in etc. etc. 

However I thought the commenter on that Cooking with Amy post was pretty absurd to tell me tha restaurants would rather I stay home than spend my money in their establishment if I'll dare to ask for something outside the menu. Restaurants have a tough time staying in business last time I checked!

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