Blogher 2005 version 1.0 - Schedule

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Welcome Session and Survey results: Why you say you're here and what we challenge you to accomplish


Debate: Play by today's rules, or change the game?

Charlene Li and Halley Suitt talk with Lisa Stone about the power women bloggers have at their fingertips...and how to use it.



Blog Crushes: We're caffeinated. Let's meet the women we came to see. Birds of a feather meet-ups.


11:15-12:15 Session #1
Political Blogging Grows Up

What's the next step for political bloggers and voters, especially since the mega-political bloggers are men? Courtney Lowery moderates, along with Roxanne Cooper & Ambra Nykol.

Advanced Tools

The latest tools you need to raise your profile and your voice.

Led by Alexandra Samuel, George Oates and Marnie Webb

Blogging 101

World domination via education for newbies

Led by Susan Mernit and Julie Leung

A Room of Your Own

1. Feminist hip-hop bloggers: Negotiating a space dominated by men - much like the music. More from Lynne D. Johnson.

2. Blog Design: Lynda Keeler and others on how to grab 'em by the eyeballs.


Working Lunch: Flame, Blame & Shame: What happens when women write for an audience of men and women who can write-and bite-back? Moderator Liza Sabater leads a panel including author/blogger Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, online security expert Ellen Spertus , Judith Meskill & Debi Jones

Session #2

How to Get Naked

What happens when you blog your true self and the whole world shows up? Moderator Jory Des Jardins discusses with other identity bloggers, including Heather Armstrong (Dooce), Ronni Bennett & Koan Bremner.

Women who want to fund, build & sell things

Moderator Mary Hodder gets Denise Howell and Patricia Nakache answering questions about doing business from the POV of lawyers, VCs & Angels.

Legal Tips: What You Can Get Away With

From copyright to Apple v. Does.Here's what you need to know to blog. Moderator Jennifer Collins discusses with attorneys Lauren Gelman and Wendy Seltzer.

A Room of Your Own

1. Teens & Blogging: Finding their voices, led by the YPulse bloggers

2. Women Blog Developers: Shaping blogging from inside out, led by MSN Spaces KarenLuk

Session #3

When Globalization is Good for Women

Shrink your world; amplify your voice. Nancy White leads a discussion with Noriko Takiguchi, Dina Mehta, Beverly Trayner and Anna John on how to start your own Sepia Mutiny!

Blogging for Business

Lisa Meyers Brown leads bloggers & clients, including Susan Getgood, Christine Halvorson and Mary Smaragdis brag about what works (and admit what doesn't)

Suffragette Journalists: Op-ed Pages of Our Own

Anastasia Goodstein, Evelyn Rodriguez, Chris Nolan and Lisa Stone discuss citizen journalism by/for women.

A Room of Your Own

1. Blogs in academia: Professionalism, anonymity, & other issues. Led by Liz Henry

2. Moblogging pioneers: Unsung but true: Girls lead moblogging, say Debi Jones and Barb Dybwad

Session #4

Get Your Word Out: Audio/Video-casting, not why.

Audio- Lisa Williams

Video- Ryanne Hodson

$$ and Sense

Moderator Elisa Camahort asks Toby Bloomberg, Susannah Gardner, and Carolyn Elefant whether you can monetize blogs & keep your credibility. Go West

"How can African American and Latino bloggers report on issues ignored by the 6 o'clock news?" asks moderator Nichelle Stephens.

A Room of Your Own

1. MommyBlogging

One of blogging's oldest traditions. Discuss with Jenny Lauck, Jenn Satterwhite & Meghan Townsend.

2. Be the RSS Queen: Syndicate your content and become your industry's info guru. Led by Sally Falkow



Closing Session: Taking BlogHer home...and to the mat. Build a list of BlogHer goals for 2005-2006

Cocktail Party in the Atrium