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March 06, 2011


I did! I bought organic, potatoes, kale, onion carrots and celery. All of it combined cost me around $5.00

I agree on Farmers' Markets being full of great photo opps. The piles of colored veggies and bundles of fresh flowers are often picture perfect. I took some last year on a clear day with blue sky and everything looked gorgeous!

What Farmer's Market do *you* go to that you got al that for $5!!!!

Downtown Campbell

Kale $1.75
Celery $1.75
Not even sure how much the others were but they added up to about $2.50


I go there too, but I'm obviously picking the wrong vendors...especially for potatoes. I did get some great leek, kale and collard greens form one awesome vendor for just $3 or so. But the potato guy was a rip-off...and not very nice either.

Yes, there are some vendors who imo definitely overcharge. It's so hit and miss though who has what each week. Last week I found some killer heirloom carrots in 4-5 colors. They are beautiful and tasted great when I put them in soup. I'll be blogging them soon. They were vegetable eye candy :)

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