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December 17, 2009


Sorry about disappearing in 2009 (medical stuff), but I'm back now and have some answers that should make you feel better.

The foregone conclusion is that women are the will, corporations are the way and sustainable standards will keep us all honest.

Regardless of how we get there, that will be the global checks and balances. Consumer goods and services are 60% of the GDP. You know the rest of that story, companies are crawling all over themselves to win the womens' purse.

I've been harping on standards for years and finally they are coming to pass. There are over 300 or mainliners vying for control. To cull the herd, the Sustainablility Consortium (backed by Wal Mart and pals) has Duke University and others gathering all the sustainable attributes of ALL the standards and comparing the best of the best via a benchmarking method. They are focusing on the B2C world.

If you'd like to see how that happens in a B2B mini format, go to On GBP, products (instead of standards) answer 160 questions and based on their answers are given a spot on the benchmarking tree. The most sustainable products are ranked the highest. Duke's system will rank the best consumer standards the highest.

Once this "high ground" is established by Duke, Wal Mart etc. will begin to require the best of the best standards to be followed. In 3 years, ALL products will be required to have an LCA or they won't be doing business with Wal Mart. In 5 years, all Wal Mart products will carry a Green Seal of Approval. From what I've heard it will consist of levels of information. 1. A BIG LOGO for those who want to grab and go. 2. Bullet points for what makes it green. 3. The standard that the information came from. What Wal Mart etc. does will have a global effect.

That's what the Sustainability Consortium is aiming for - a global standard of standards, per se. We need one or else the multinational corporations can't play on a level playing field.

Meanwhile, Investors are asking their investment to go transparent with their systems (LCAs again) and Wal Street property owners are requiring it in their buildings. USGBC and others are spinning up.

The ONLY THING MISSING is educating the average women, who will be expected to work in tandem with this new economic order, on her power and responsibility. Women such as Diane MacEachern, Beth Terry, etc., the green bloggers, will lead the conversation and keep business in their trend-watching comfort zone. Once the world turns green, no one will care if it's green or not, at that point, it's back to value marketing.

The tipping point has happened, this decade is a rush to the foregone conclusion. It's still messy on how that conclusion will be reached, but it will happen as surely as women voices have dominated the blogging world. What happens off line, will happen online.

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