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October 15, 2009


Thanks for participating in BAD. You have a great blog and this was an insightful post.
For anyone who doubts climate change please read my blog action day post
Responses to questions and objections on climate change. It's a good place to send your skeptical friends and colleagues — at least as a starting point for whetting their intellectual appetite to learn more (or, as a quick answer to blog comments).

You are right, but before we can help the environment, we should be much aware of our own health. Being healthy is the first action we must take, in that way we can help the environment with our waste recycling and proper dumping. If man, aside from nature, is the cause of environment destruction, only a man can bring it to it's normal and healthy environment. Let's not waste the chance that we can still make a difference.

Thank you for bringing up diet as a key component of living greener. It's a big part of our carbon footprint. I'm not vegan yet, but I began to understand why we should all consider becoming vegans by reading books by Bittman and Pollan. In addition to the food we eat, the packaging it comes in is also a problem. Take bottled water, for example. We'd all be better off drinking tap water and using reusable stainless steel water bottles when we're on the go.

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