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January 05, 2009


Hi, I recently have seen your article about non stick cookware. I am actually a vendor so let me tell you all about it before you throw out all your pots and pans. Yes the material in them called PFOA is bad for you that is why they do not want it in cookware. But, what they don't tell you is that it is already in you... fast food wrappers, stain resistant carpet, stain resistant clothing. Anything that says stain resistant is the same chemical, They want it out of cookware which has the lowest doses but they are not taking it out of everything else. So, when you are cooking do not sear, or do stir frying on nonstick. Any recipe that needs high heat use steel. Non stick is for sauces, soups, and browning. Only use low and medium heat because your pans I am guessing are hard anodized aluminum. That pan heats up 4x faster than steel, you don't need a high setting because you will burn up your pan and food. NO PAM SPRAYS!! That is the killer of nonstick as well. A silicone propellant is coming out of the can as well that bonds to the nonstick and insulates it. Thus, turning up the heat. And, of course no metal tools and no dishwasher unless it says so. Keep birds out of the kitchen anyways because anytime you are heating up grease, like oil and butter you are sending smoke in the air to kill it. Yes PFOA is bad but the hot grease gets the ball rolling. I hope this helps out and doesn't completely confuse you but feel free to email me with questions. And I do not work for Calphalon, I am a competitor but we all read the same reports. Consumer Reports and Johns Hopkins. Never get info from the other media places always read from those who are paid to tell the truth not sell subscriptions!!

You should also look into Earth Pan Cookware. They use a sand flow technology that is good for the environment, and cooks great too (just don't keep it on high for large amounts of time. You can purchase these pans at

Don't buy the Earthpan with sand flow, it is junk.
The Price was right for some cookware needed in a pinch. The warranty was typical and the reviews were good. When I opened the box I was impressed with the style, the weight, construction and over all appearance of the cookware. We are a family that cooks and these pans got used right away. None of the pans seen high temps, all cooked on medium to low. We Only fry in light coat of olive oil and only use real butter. Veggie oil, sprays and margarine will ruin non stick coatings over time. The saute pan was the first to go. with in the first month it darkened and in the 3rd month it lost all it's not stick ability. The stock pot lost it's non stick ability the 3rd time I cooked pasta. The MFG (Meyer corp)refused to honor the warranty. Now at 5 months old the smaller saute pan that has been used only to fry eggs and saute onion is shot.
The last set of non stick cookware lasted us 10 years and the non stick was still good but the exterior looked tired. We retired it to our travel trailer. I paid $160 for that set at Costco, it is a Wearever brand.

You have been warned!!!

Here I come Costco

Read consumer reports (picked it up at library)(Sept. 2009) and Earth Pan was rated #1, Analon Titanium #2,GreenPan#3 and Swiss Diamond was rated best overall but cost $500 so it was not included in rating.I have read that the GreenPan had many bad reviews from consumers. Do your homework before you purschase!

I would like to know where I can return my Sandflow Earthpan. It is not non stick and it is junk. Macy's denies that I purchased it from them.

Just watching Good Morning America on ABC this morning and they rated the Earth Pan with Sand Flow technology number one. They didn't say if it was safe for birds or not, so I've got some more homework to do. As I understand it, Greenpan was supposed to be bird-safe.

In our home we have a total of eleven birds... I do all the cooking, my wife takes care of the aviary. I seldom use non-stick cookware except for frying eggs or making French toast. I stick to cast-iron (no pun intended) and some gorgeous Calphalon steel pieces without a non-stick coating. Eventually I would like to get the entire set ($500), but for now I have the Dutch oven and a saucepan. With an electric stove I have been known to leave a pan on the burner now and then... Not often, but I can't risk overheating a Teflon pan even once and having nearly a dozen dead birds on my hands... and a very upset wife.

Michael N: I'm sorry but I don't understand why you would have dead birds from overheating a Teflon pan.

I recently bought the Earth Pan 10 piece set. They worked great for the first month or two, then everything started to stick even with oil and butter. These pans are TOTAL JUNK. DO NOT BUY THESE PANS!!!!!

I purchased EarthPan from QVC in 2011 and I absolutly love it. I am getting another set for my nephew who is going into culinary art to be a chef, 15 years old. I only use olie oil in my cooking and most times I use nothing with this cookware. I do a lot of cooking and I have used numerous types of cookware. I have thrown them all out. I LOVE EarthPan and will continue to use it. Buying more for my set.

Teflon gases are toxic to humans and birds alike I have 5 parrots refuse to kill them with teflon

Just bought EarthPan (meyers) maker of cephalon pans also. Can't wait to test them out.

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