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June 24, 2008


Good for you! I hate when good companies go bad!

I was stunned when I found this out a little while ago. Serves me right for assuming that organic = agrees with me about politics! ;)

There are also plenty of other brands of similar, if not better, products. If nothing else, capitalism has given us options. It's nice to have the choice of purveyors so you can choose who you'd like to support.

Just when I thought I'd drank every brand of juice on the planet . . .

Live and Let Live. If I had your attitude, I would refuse to sell produce to Nazi Abortionists (even though my grandson was one of their victims). You cannot teach others to love by withholding love.

I didn't know that. Interesting. I understand Carol's point, I also think it's reasonable to decide not to give your money to someone who will then pass on a portion of that money to something you oppose.

But..."Nazi abortionists." I dunno, but it sounds a little like someone's withholding love there.

First time here. Nice blog.

Thanks for the comment, Ali. Yeah, i wasn't quite sure I followed Carol's point.

Our economic vote is the one we exercise every single day, so I'm a big believer in it!

um... I can understand your frustration, but it seems that Bolthouse Farms and the Bolthouse Foundation are not connected any more, so there's no reason to boycott the product. I have no interest in this, I just discovered their products last night, and only know this because I was just reading about it on Wikipedia a couple of minutes ago. Here's the link (scroll down to "Controversy"):

All the best to you.

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