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June 29, 2008


I think if the people who are making the jewelry would otherwise be making jewelry out of virgin materials, then it's an upgrade. Also, if the materials in question can't really be made into anything else. What the heck do you do with typewriter keys?

I hear ya! I wonder about that too...but like the commenter above, I totally dig that something that was going to end up in the landfill gets another lease on life. A jewelry maker needs to make jewelry out of *something* ...I like that that something is trash.

But the thing that bugs me are artists that trash stuff....just so that they can make something out of it. For example there is an artist who makes really cool jewelry out of barbie dolls ...but there is no way she is finding them all "used" and ready for the trash heap. Or the famous chandelier made out of pens ...I think the artist went out and bought a bunch of pens and then made the chandelier. I don't think it is eco friendly ---it is just stupid.
thanks for letting me rant.

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