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May 16, 2008


Thanks Elisa for taking a stand on this topic. I am so upset over this. How can they justify this? Obesity is not to blame for anything. It is something that people live with and have to deal with on there own. I like your take on the government...right letting them off the hook imagine....ha.....

I was incensed too (once I realized it wasn't a spoof, because it is obviously a far-fetched stretch of a conclusion).

As an ag/scientist/locavore/mom, however, I have to chime in to say that some of the stuff that is being perputuated as 'fact' about food production is just as tenuous and the statistics as egregiously misinterpreted.

There are no simple answers, and there is no one group or lifestyle we can point to and say "you are the cause of global warming". Face it, by our existance, we ALL contribute.

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