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January 20, 2008


I thought I was the only one that was irritated with Matt and Nat. My sister bought one of their handbags at a boutique, and I love her bag. She then went online and purchased another one 4 weeks ago, and I bought one a week after her. Like you, I wanted to know what the status of my purse is (holiday rush is way past being over) since they don't have a tracking system of any kind online. Like I told my sister that should have been a warning. My payment has been processed, and I can't get any answers either from them. I've e-mailed and called several times. This is really annoying, for such an animal conscious company, they should be more consumer conscious.

P.S. She hasn't received her online ordered bag as of yet either.>:|

Yes, they charged me way back on 12/24. many places don't charge you until they ship, I should add.

I got another email reply...seemingly from someone who had no idea that the first person replied (See my other post on the subject) and they're still saying it should show up next week.

Never ordering form them again, though, that's for sure.

Another unsatisfied customer here. I ordered a bag and wallet on 12/19/07. I gave it about 3 weeks and emailed them. About 10 days later I was sent a FedEx tracking number for my order. A few days later, I happily checked my tracking number and the package was delivered and signed for about 2000 miles away from me.

That was about 2 weeks ago. I followed up with them by email immediately, but have not heard back. In fact, I found your blog because I have been trying to track down a phone number as well.

It's too bad -- I love their bags and their ethos, but all I want now is a refund. :(

Initially, I too had the same complaint after my bag had not been delivered after a weeks. However when I did get in touch with a customer service representative at their Head Office, she was nothing but apologetic and explained the situation very thoroughly.

The delay is supposedly due to a combination of technical and logistical errors that they experienced over the past couple of weeks. They assured me that in February with the launch of their new and improved website there will be a much more efficient order processing system.

I have to say, in the past I have ordered online from matt & nat MANY times and ALWAYS had terrific customer service, prompt delivery and was very happy with the product.

I love their bags and I love what they stand for- I think I can oversee the temporary problems they are having for now; after all I am a true matt & nat fan and follower!

I mean, come on people cut them a little slack...Do you ever turn your back on a friend when they are experiencing problems??

I don't mind waiting the extra week or two this time around- i'll be that more excited when I receive it!

CAN'T wait to see their new site!!!

Well, see, they hadn't become my friend yet...this was my first order. Moreover, it sounds like they save their explanations and apologies for "friends" or at least regular customers. I got nothing like that, and I emailed four times by the end.

BTW: got my bags two days ago. They are damn cute.

I was thrilled to find a thread about this. I am quite frustrated and my order has only been charged for 2 weeks now. But the fact that there is no way to track the status of an order, and no one to call regarding the order is preposterous and it's hard to forgive when this has been my only experience. And the phone number is not listed anywhere on the site that I can see- can someone tell me please what is the phone number? I really would like to speak with someone and find out the status. I was worried that I had been scammed or something but it seems that others are also having this problem. I would love to talk to a customer service person, and I don't plan on being rude in the slightest unless he or she is rude to me, which I doubt will happen. Can someone please post this elusive phone number in Montreal?

Thanks so much!

Does anybody know the phone number? on the web site you can find only the fax number and it is useless...

I have called and email and now faxed them about 8 times.....i would NEVER again recommend matt and nat to any one i know. I've been waiting for 8 weeks now which is BS. I can understand if they are swampt with orders but on their behalf, it would only be appropriate to make a note of the HUGE delay on their website...right now im PISSED off! If they call me im gonna rip one of them a new ass hole! WARNING: DONT ORDER MATT AND NAT

hey, if anyone is still looking for a matt and nat contact number, the only number i have is 514-388-2334; they are in montreal, and are in the eastern time zone. this number takes you to a phone tree, and if you wait long enough you get an answering machine to leave a message at the "beep."

on a side note...i *still* haven't received my bags yet, my sister got hers 2 weeks ago, (i ordered mine 6 days after her) and i am to say the least pissed. they are not returning my calls or e-mails. and as for a previous post of having contact from these people- what's your secret? i can't seem to get any response at all. i've even contemplated calling the canadian better business bureau because this is getting rediculous, they have had my money for 5 weeks, and i have not seen a bag or even an e-mail to say "hey, we're busy, but we'll get to you soon." i most definitely will not be ordering from them again- even if their bags are super cute and vegan friendly.

okay, i just tried the number that i had (see previous post), and now you have to hit "0" to leave a message for them to call you back.

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