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December 28, 2007


WAIT ~ that's a whole lot of plastic, which is a huge problem. Spend the $75 bucks on a few large canvas bags, put the weight of your purchases on your shoulders instead of on the environment.

Do you mean the plastic of all those bags or the plastic of the device itself? I totally agree (and should have said) that one should bring one's own canvas grocery bags to the farmer's market same as you do the grocery store.

But it might be a little cavalier to assume that everyone can haul their bounty on their shoulders...depending on distance to walk, age, physical condition, it might not be that easy.

Tp your plastic point, though, I should also add that the carts we used in NYC were all metal...not sure that's any better, but you can see a picture of the kind of cart I had here. Cheaper too.:

Hi -- I'm the owner of that particular Hook n Go, and I own about 7 canvas/string bags but also bring reused plastic ones to the market with me, because they're more convenient for hanging heavy items on the cart thingy. And in that shot you used above, I have three gallons of tomato juice, two gallons of apple cider, two quarts of milk, and several pounds of potatoes and onions plus regular produce on the cart. I defy ANYONE to walk around the market with that on their back. :-)

Also, I think the Hook-n-Go is sold at the Ferry Building for more like $45, no shipping.

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