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October 06, 2006


Yay! Congratulations and best wishes in the blogosphere, though, actually you did slip in a blog mention previously here:

Yes, I still am your #1 blog stalker ;-)

I'm so glad I was able to be helpful - connecting people with useful people or information is my most favorite thing in the world. I can't wait to see what your custom ethical ring looks like 'cause I agree - I love the shiny!

That is comforting to know, Maria! And yes, by golly, you're's right there in bits and bytes (which will have to replace "right there in black and white" for we online denizens.)

Yup, the guy from Brilliant Earth is going to meet us at a Starbucks on a Sunday to show us some examples because that's the only time this month we're planning to be in the City, and their office is closed on Sundays!

Now that's service.

congrats! I have my whole list of aesthetic or social qualms about diamonds, but i realize my post is much more strident or antagonistic than it should be, given that i wanted to inspire a dialogue.

I'm glad it led to you finding a symbol that you're comfortable with, and that the conversation's continuing. Most importantly, I'm always happy when someone finds a partner -- it's like in the movies when the good guys win. :)

Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials!! And glad to hear you found a good solution for the ring.
take care,

Thanks Anil and Liz!

Anil: When I first read your post I didn't notice the date, and that it had been around for quite some time. Obviously I'm a little late to thinking about the issue (having never had a reason) But that's the beauty of the Internet: your words can have impact long after you wrote them.

I went through this dilemma myself very recently. Fortunately my fiance was excited about the idea of a yellow-diamond so I was able to get a manmade one, which is awesome and guaranteed conflict-free.

I wrote a little about it here:

Hi there,

I am a Canadian and am also looking for a ethical rings. A google search brought me to your blog.

Just want to add a bit of info to the canadian diamond part.

The mining companies that work up here are the same as the ones who do so in other parts of the world. So your money goes into the same pockets as the blood diamonds.

They are destroying our Canadian environment by making huge pits and leeching chemicals into the water ways. You can imagine what that is doing to the wildlife. There are issues with our aboriginals- land claims and lack of jobs given to locals.

The stamping of the a polar bear onto the ring is ironic, as these animals are directly affected by the mining chemicals and infringement on the land.

I hope people will turn away from the conflict that is inflicted by the canandian diamonds.

Hi all,

A while ago we tried to setup a website to sell diamond rings but not harming anyone. This sounds easy but it really is not.

For one thing many African economies rely heavily on diamond exports so we cannot say that you should unilaterally avoid African diamonds.

Secondly, once cut, diamonds are completely untrackable and massive corruption limits the effectiveness of the Kimberley Process.

Also, a lot of harm has been caused because of the diamond industry historically so it would be nice to repay the debts in some way.

We came up with the Conflict Neutral scheme where we make a donation to effective local projects to help people when we sell diamonds.

We have a site for the charity at and our store is at Hopefully the designs stand up for themselves so you get a nice ring as well as an ethical one!

I am happy to recieve comments on this at info(at)conflictneutral(dot)com.



Why is it so expensive to be ethical? I'm getting engaged and would rather aim money at the honeymoon than have a fancy engagement ring. Thought a created sapphire would be the way to go, but the ones at that website are so expensive!!!

Congratulations. My problem with conflict free diamonds is that even through you know they are conflict free, there is nothing to suggest they are when you wear them, and by wearing them, creates a desire, then of course market demand for diamonds, conflict free or otherwise. I am conflicted!!! :)

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