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October 06, 2006


I agree GirlonRaw, it's like wearing faux fur a bit. But I do try to bring it up whenever someone compliments me on my ring.

Meh, there've been countless studies showing there's no such thing as "conflict free" diamonds. Besides, even if you could prove it was a conflict free diamond (you can't), you're still feeding into the market for diamonds which further encourages unethical practices. Excuse your devotion to the fabricated tradion of diamong engagement rings all you want, but there's simply no way to do diamonds ethically unless you already have them (family, inheritence, etc.)

This is a great post. I wasnt aware of the ethical jewelry industry. I mean, I know that some people make more natural jewelry, but I didnt realize it was a whole industry on its own.

Truth is that the Kimberley process has taken care of much of the concerns expressed here. the Kimberley process, and those who commit to it, gaurantee that no diamonds they sell will have any connection to blood diamonds or any of these African tribes...

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