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September 16, 2006


maybe you could put the peanuts in a bucket or barrel outside and allow rainwater to dissolve them over time, instead of doing it yourself in the sink. and you could always have stashed them somewhere for insulating holiday gifts or something along those lines; no waste of running water that way.

Thanks Juniper. I doubt i'm going to stash them, but the idea of collecting them and letting rain water do it is kind of fun, especially since it's been raining all day today!

How about crushing the peanuts up a little and placing them outside - maybe on your lawn if you have one? Rain and or snow will eventually dissolve them.

Well, I actually tried dumping them outside in the back yard with my last shipment, because we've been having very rainy weather. It has been raining and raining off and on for days and days, and still the little things aren't fully dissolved. Maybe it's because I basically put them on ground with a bark-y kind of ground cover, as opposed to grass. Dilemma remains not fully solved.

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