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June 30, 2006


Can't comment on my experience with the service, since I live in Vancouver, but I have a question:

Why do you consider it to be an advantage to be able to go to the store to review your order and make changes to the delivery? If you're there at the store anyway, wouldn't it be more convenient to just pick out the stuff you want and take it home right away rather than have to wait for it to be delivered?

Oh, I meant "go in" as in go into your order online and review it, not go in to a physical store.

Because you're right...that would be silly :)

I was a member and found them to be just awful! Terrible customer service and sub par produce. They refused to refund my money even after they made a mistake and delivered after I had asked them to hold my delivery for a week while I was on vacation. Nothing like coming home to a rotten box of produce that you have to pay for...just bad

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