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January 15, 2006


Good points. Let me add that green products should appear in mainstream stores and in the "regular" aisles of the grocery store, not just the health food stores or the health food section of the grocery store.

I agree with you, but sometimes I wonder who they do that for...current "green" shoppers may like the "special" placement of their choice.

no question green product availability is paramount and as a purveyor we're always looking for reliable sources.

just wanted to say re: your cat, mine has the same problem. i started to cook for her. strange as it is for a veg head, rare steak and nice free range chicken with a little cooked oatmeal and sprouts gives her a new lease on life. you sprinkle renacare, it's potassium basically for kidney problems, on the food to offset the protein dump. but the bottom line is they need, kidney problems or not, high quality protein in their diet and there's no substitute in the canned dept. hope it helps. my girl is 18. can't think what life would be like without her!

My girl is also 18, will be 19 in August. She is doing really well, actually. I've been giving her sub-cutaneous fluids on a regular basis for almost 3 years.

See, I'm not sure I could handle cooking meat for her, especially since she seems to do well on the canned food. Yikes! That's love :)

I have a cat just diagnosed with the kidney thing and I am going through the same steps as you. My cats detest the prescription food. I would really like to know which one you concluded(with your vet's knowledge) was OK. Thanks so much in advance. And thanks to previous commenters--very interesting info.

On the more salient topic, I think the discussion of the quality factors in pet products and some day will starkly point out the cause-and-effect of by-products, additives etc.

Hi Leticia:

At first I was feeding her Science Diet Senior Turkey. But somewhere along the way she decided that wasn't good enough, and she stopped eating it. The vet and I continued to agree that keeping weight on is more important than the kind of food, so now I feed her a couple of different things. I feed her Whiskas seafood pouches as an occasional treat. More regularly I feed her what I think is Safeway's new Premium in-house brand...she likes the liver & chicken and turkey ones the best. I also occasionally buy food at Whole Foods.

At this point I don't even really check anything except that they're made with actual meat, not by-products.

Thanks so much for sharing. I will try out the science diet senior turkey. I'm glad to hear kitty is still meowing. I realized after I posted my comment that this thread was from a while ago.

Thanks Leticia.

Yes Samantha hit 20 years old last month and is still meowing, and more importantly, purring!

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