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December 11, 2005


Many thanks for mentioning our company!



Actual gDiaper user here! We discovered them this month and our 9-month-old girl is wearing them part-time (I don't think her daycare is going to be amenable to a new kind of diaper change). I love them because they are easier and cheaper than implementing a cloth system, which for our two-parents-working family is just not possible. Also I like the idea of flushing waste to be processed rather than contributing to a landfill. We DO still use disposables too, but if I can put even 10 or 12 fewer dirty diapers in the trash per week, I feel it's worthwhile. Plus the cotton diaper covers are so darn cute. I recommend anyone give them a try if you are feeling guilty about disposables or wanting an on-the-road alternative to cloth.

Thanks for the feedback. Is the only place to get them on their website? How easy was it to get hold of them?

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