Blogher Conference 2006 Day One Schedule

Friday, July 28th, 2006
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Welcome Session:

9:00-11:30 Workshop #1

Blog in a Box:

All the basics for the beginning blogger, or the blogger who wants to take the next steps toward geekdom. New bloggers will create a blog with RSS feeds, a blog roll, and know how to add links/photos to their blog. Basic to intermediate html will be covered. We’ll also cover how to switch from one blog tool to another. Miss Zoot and Heathervescent are on hand to walk you through. Plus, Melinda Casino will cover the nuances of good blog manners: disclosure, attribution, non-spammy commenting and trackbacks.

Primp Your Blog:

Maura Chace & Megan Garnhum will help you make your blog as attractive, accessible and just plain cool as possible. Learn the latest widgets, counters, mash-ups and cool tools to add to your blogs...and why you’d want to. Also, Skye Kilaen shares a few tips on how to make your blog more accessible and user-friendly.. Plus a Screencasting demo from Jan Kabili (a method for adding computer demos w/voiceover to your blog.)

So you have this crazy idea:

You want to start a community-based blog site, but aren't sure where to start. Melanie Morgan, Nancy White, Susannah Gardner & Lauren Gelman are among those who will help you examine what's out there, define what you can do differently, and create a plan to develop content, promote your efforts and watch your back.
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Lunch Keynote: What's Next?: What's next in tech? Is "Web 2.0" hype? Or hip? And what's next once you grab your brass ring?
Marnie Webb is joined by Caterina Fake and Meg Hourihan, two leaders who can certainly speak to both questions!
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Note: From 11AM-1PM GM will be offering test drives of current and future model cars in the Mediterranean Ballroom parking lot, including sports cars, hybrids, and the "car of the future" a Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle.

Workshop #2
Each topic runs 1 hour and repeats at 1:15 and 2:30


Instructors will be on hand to serve all user levels. Beginners will create & post an audio entry with Susan Kitchens. Advanced users will get hands-on instruction and interactive Q&A about advanced techniques, plus best practices in promotion and distribution from Nicole Simon and Anita Campbell. [Equipment list will be provided.]

Digital Photography:

Heather Champ will get you comfortable with your digital camera. Learn not only how to take good digital pictures, but how to mess with them and post them on your blog. [Equipment list to be published.]

Audience Building:

Elise Bauer talks traffic: how to build it, how to understand your site statistics, how to optimize your site to build search engine traffic, how to use syndication and subscriptions to build recurring traffic...the works!

Ten Types of Web Writing:

And how to execute them professionally. Lisa Stone and Lynne D. Johnson walk you through everything from short-form sign post blogging to long-form essay blogging.



Note: from 3:45 to 4:45 a virtual, global memorial will be held in room 8111 in memory of blogger Michelle Goodrich, aka Mandarin Meg. Contact Frank Paynter for more details.

Workshop #3

Each topic runs 1 hour and repeats at 4 and 5:15


For the beginning or new user. We're bringing back Video Goddess Ryanne Hodson, along with Zadi Diaz, to help you walk away ready to add video posts to your blog. [Equipment list to be published.]


Want to make your blog your own? DIY or pay? And what’s reasonable in time & money? Miriam Verburg and Tiffany Brown walk you thru it, plus stylesheets (CSS) and how they work.

$$$ Generation:

There are many ways to monetize your blog. It’s hard to keep track. What’s the difference between BlogAds & AdSense? Chitika & LinkShare? And does ad placement really matter? Hint: Jennifer Slegg will tell you “yes.”

Tagging, tracking & structured blogging:

Do taxonomies & folksonomies fill you with ennui? Charlene Li & Marnie Webb will help you discover why you care & how it gives you an edge.


Welcome reception by the pool
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