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Ashley H

Honestly I can a bit of both but more on the cheap vegan side. I would have to say that because I was unemployed with no benefits and no Food Stamps either. I was relying on my family's budget for me to have food or share there food which was about 80 dollars a month plus whatever my boyfriend bought me which usually not much. So I lived off a budget of under 100 dollars a month and I ate healthy for the most part I did have my days when I didn't eat healthy.

Shannon R

I admit I'm a luxury vegan. It's only because it's my way of de-stressing and I can honestly afford it. I have long hours and it is a treat to buy things that I would pass up if I was budgeting (I'm looking at your non-local honeycrisp apples). I do however try to shop at farmer's markets and look for cheaper alternatives (tinned beans are way cheaper at Target) but I won't deny buying a fancy nut butter if the mood strikes.

Elisa Camahort

Oh, don't get me wrong. I am a luxury vegan a lot of the time. I have been all about the convenience foods. I'm trying to cook more, to be more healthy, and it turns out that can also be less expensive!


Am I a luxury vegan? Probably some people would think so. I shop at farmer’s markets when they are open not to save money because I love everything about farmer’s markets. I shop for some things at Food Fight which is a vegan only store (I’m very lucky to live near a vegan store), I shop at whole foods every couple of weeks or so. The rest of the time I shop at the local grocery store. I don’t think too much about the cost but more about the quality and variety. I am very lucky that I can afford to do that. But early on I did a comparison and my grocery bill wasn’t any more higher as a vegan as it was pre-vegan. I don’t buy frozen foods now, I don’t going out to eat much at all, and I don’t buy pre-made from the deli. For me I was more of a food elitist pre-vegan when I went out to trendy restaurants and had more of a gluttonous diet. Now it is about health and compassion.

Elisa Camahort

Wow, you live near a vegan-only store? That IS lucky!!

I am actually now in a position where I don't check my food bill either. I'm very un-spendy in the rest of my life...don't travel much or spend a lot on things (well, other than technology, my other vice). So eating well is my big investment, I guess you could say.

Momo Fali

I'd say I'm a little bit of both, but only because sometimes luxury is the ONLY option. When my grocery chain starts making store-brand, non-dairy sour "cream" then I will buy it.

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