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June 05, 2009


I'd guess that no-animal testing is a pretty common eco-friendly standard. But natural is an utterly and completely meaningless marketing term so I wouldn't put much stock in the connection.

For Method, they are super vegan friendly, you'll be happy to know. From their website:

All of method's current formulations are 100% vegan and therefore free of any animal ingredients and/or by-products.

method is 100% cruelty-free, has never tested its products nor their ingredients on animals and does not endorse, request nor commission any animal testing on our behalf.

method works with our suppliers to ensure that no animal testing ever be done in the development of ingredients for our products. Some suppliers of the more commonly used ingredients in cleaning and personal care products have been in production for over 50 years, and have performed animal testing in this time. method does not solicit, endorse, nor encourage animal testing from its suppliers; however, we bare no effect on testing done prior to our existence. Given that the vast majority of regulatory agencies in the world have historically preferred animal testing to gauge the safety of materials, the number of possible ingredients that have been animal tested at some point in their history is huge.

method has a forward-looking approach to making animal testing obsolete. We obtain statements from our suppliers that no testing is done on our behalf, and have lobbied to gain acceptance for our non-animal product testing protocols from various regulatory agencies, consumers, and others. For our product safety testing we use in-vitro (non-animal), simulated skin and eye irritation tests, and have been successful in arguing that various federal and state agencies should accept these test methods in the place of animal test results.

These efforts were part of the reason PETA named our two co-founders, Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, people of the year for 2006 for their leadership in cruelty-free business practices and gave method a 'proggy' award that same year.

Thanks Maria!

I should have known you would ride to my rescue. WIFI on a plane is awesome, but sometimes it seems to slow way down. Method just would not load.

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