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October 17, 2008


It seems like this has been happening for years, and it's the result of advertising and marketing ploys. It first began with diet products, then nutritional products, and now it's being used to sell organics. But yep, I'm an obsessive reader, and I try to keep things as natural as possible. In the end, I guess we can't really live outside our environment, can we?

I am an obssessive label reader because (a) a dear beloved one is diabetic so we have to be careful (b) undergrad biochem major makes the labels of processed foods, OTC drugs and cosmetics 'entertaining' to read and (c) growing up in what used to be the Third World, one is cautious by nature, esp. about food.

Have you heard the one about melamine in food from China? Did you know that what used to be talcum powder is actually corn starch? Remember bio-diesel fuels? They might have been 'green,' but they raised the cost of food because we burn the corn derivatives instead of feeding them to animals.

There really is a lot to know about labels. Maybe I should write my own blog about it?

Maria, I think a blog about labeling (and maybe truth in advertising too!) would be awesome!

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