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September 22, 2008


You know, b-school taught me a lot of ways to analyze even 'intagibles' to the nth degree so I'm sure if I really applied myself, I can figure this out: is it 'more green' to use a double-walled, stainless steel thermos cup for coffee, or to use disposable paper cups with recycled sleeves? The paper cups have the advantages of being convenient, possibly more sanitary than a cup that I wash over and over, and the paper cup has value to Starbucks by advertising their brand. The thermos cup keeps the coffee hot for longer, is more sturdy, and I love the way it looks. But washing takes time, effort, soap and water. I am an insane water saving nut.

Maybe there's a mba master's thesis in this topic? Maybe some mba at starbucks already did this analysis?

Oh, about recycled sleeves: you don't actually need them. The chinese invented aons ago the 'foot' or lower rim on a cup or bowl. You hold the hot cup or bowl with your thumb on the rim and the other fingers around the lower rim. No 'ouch,' no sleeve.

I don't think my hand is big enough to accomplish that on a Venti, Maria :)

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