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March 28, 2007


Hi, I enjoy reading your Veggie Going Vegan blog and your meal ideas. Maybe the the blog post you're referring to is at or at Gary Francione's blog — Both talk about these welfarist changes as attempts to make consumers people feel better about eating animals and eggs and dairy.

Thanks Lenore. I hadn't seen either of those blogs, so I just subscribed.

I think it's a good step, but I don't think it's a shift in thinking for these huge corporations... I think they're trying to lure said hybrid car buyers as customers by giving them one more pseudo-tree-hugging thing to feel good about. "I can go to Burger King, they care about the earth!" I see it now. The problem, as I see it, is people want change, they just don't want to make it. Typical.
However...I *do* think that it is a baby step. If only to get people like us mad enough to demand more.

I totally agree that labels like “free-range,” “cage-free” or “grass-fed” (not to mention “sustainable” and “local" when applied to meat) exist simply to mask the unattractive reality of slaughtering animals — and assuage people's guilt about it.

The fact that some animals may be allowed to live peacefully is one thing; killing them is hardly peaceful.

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