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June 28, 2006



Five years ago, when I started Woodpeckers roost, my goal was to create beautiful, hand crafted traditional wooded dildos. The adult stores were full of plastic, rubber and vinyl products, many very lifelike. None suited my tastes for a more sophisticated item that I could be proud of owning and using – something I would not be ashamed of if my daughter or son found it in my nightstand.

One requirement superseded all. It controlled the design of my Jildos, the species of wood used, the finish that protects them and enhances their beauty and the time I spent sanding, finishing and polishing my Jildos. That overriding concern was product safety! Nothing else would matter if my product injured someone because of allergic reaction or unhealthy bacterial contamination.

I was unaware that all dildo manufacturers do not adhere to the same high standard of safety. Most dildos are sold as ‘novelty items’ to avoid regulatory control. Health and safety claims are not required for a ‘novelty’.

Dangerous materials

The material that goes into a dildo greatly affects its safety.

Most dildo materials, like rubber, vinyl, and cyberskin, are porous. This means that they can not be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between uses. To be safe you should sheathe such dildos in a condom.

Silicon is not porous so it can be disinfected. Silicon is a good choice for a dildo. But, guess what. Just like an apple juice drink, a product only needs to contain 10% silicon to be labeled ‘silicon’! The rest may be porous and unsanitary.

Untrustworthy manufacture

90% of dildos for sale in adult stores and over the internet are manufactured in China. Fisher Price has recalled Elmo and Big Bird because those Chinese made toys were not safe. Other children’s toys have also been recalled recently for the same reason. Children’s toys are one of the most regulated products in the US. If the Chinese can’t be trusted to make baby toys safe, what level of confidence do we have that our toys are safe?

It’s not just the manufacturers of the products but also the supplier of the ingredients they are made from that affect safety. The raw materials used must be reliably safe and contain no dangerous contaminants. Do we trust the same system that produced tainted pet food and toothpaste?

Even the Secretary-General of China’s Healthcare Association’s sexual medical and healthcare sub-council, Su Weiguo, said more needs to be done to regulate the industry.

Not a novelty but the real thing

My Jildos are truly dildos, made to be used. They are safe. They are also sexy and sophisticated but first, they are safe.

They are designed with no tight crevices that would be hard to clean.
There are no open pores in the wood, nor any scratches left from sanding, that could harbor bacteria.
I do not use any stains or dyes that could cause an allergic reaction.
Jildos are completely sealed with many, many coats of a wood finish that meets 21 CFR 175.300. It is safe for food contact and children’s toys.
This finish is washable and is resistant to alcohol so it can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
I then apply coats of the same very safe carnauba wax that is used to coat fresh produce in the grocery store and pharmaceutical products.

In an effort to enhance public awareness of sex toy safety I have written the following article and posted it on my website:;

I have also started a blog, to include dildo safety.

Jildos are sumptuously smooth and highly polished like fine jewelry – art you can proudly display by your bedside. We offer a money back guarantee if you are not aroused as soon as you touch it. Visit us at our home site,

Jilda Coleman
Creater of the Jildo
Owner, WoodPeckers Roost

Hand made with pleasure
For your pleasure

They sell sex toys at Wal Mart now, they are becoming more mainstream everyday. Love the website MyPleasure it is very informative and evens sells alot of the toys they feature.

Love Guy Kawasaki. He has been a mature and positive supporter of our industry. Appreciate his intelligent take on what we do as a business.

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